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Coffee, Tea, Thee... and Oh, it's you.

Jul. 3rd, 2010 | 01:16 am

An explosive laugh accompanied them into the Three Broomsticks, as well as a chilly blast of the lingering winter air. Nick and Nex staggered together as they walked through the door, one barely supporting the other. Nex was red-faced with helpless giggles as she leaned a shoulder against his chest while his arm was slung familiarly around her. Nick had tears in his eyes, his sides shaking with uncontrollable laughter. "You're a bloody liar, Allynda!" he accused her, his voice barely steady as he continued to chortle. "A bloody damned liar!"

This only made her laugh harder, and her knee threatened to give as she took an awkward step under his weight. "I swear on Merlin's long and noble beard! She was purple. Turns out that ermine wrap had been cursed to turn its wearer into the most unflattering colours. It was the best birthday present ever. And watch your mouth, you wanker."

To look at them, one might assume they had both been heavily in the Fire Whiskey, but Nex didn't drink and Nick really only drank around his older mates. Nex was still laughing way too hard to be remotely observant, but a few years of ingrained instinct had Nick at least sweeping the area with a quick gaze. This brought the small party across the room to his attention, and his face split into a wide grin as he spotted Cassandra and Angel sitting with a student- he assumed- he didn't know. That grin slipped a little, however, as he took in the other party in their group. He grappled for just a moment with an almost overwhelming desire to leave again, but decided that his- wizard, was it need?- to see Angel... and Cassandra outweighed that desire.

Nex followed his lead as he steered them in the direction of their friends, uncomprehending until she let out a squeal of delight: "Cassandra! Angel! Hullo!" And then she disentangled herself from Nick's amiable hold and bounded over to give them both impulsive hugs. "Merlin, I feel like it's been ages since I've seen you two! Revision's got me so na- oh, er, hullo, Mr Moon."

Just like Nick, her smile faltered a little upon viewing the man.

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What Nex Did...

Sep. 12th, 2007 | 06:28 pm

Having successfully stolen out of the Astronomy tower where her friends were no doubt still bickering over the ambiguous to say nothing of morally and-or ethically dubious ways in which they should spend their frozen time, Nex allows herself the tiniest of happy dances as she stands just under the trapdoor before starting down the stairwell. The castle was always quiet, but with the cessation of time, well now it was almost unbearable. She could still move, certainly, but given that everything about time seemed to have stopped, her footfalls make no noise.

Were the sun to be out, Nex was quite certain even the dust motes would be frozen there. She wondered what it might look like to pass through them. Would they remain as they had been, with her simply- what?- going right through them as though
she were the ghost, or would they move out of her way like normal, leaving a clear path to show where she had been?

It was night, however, and there was really no way to test that theory. She didn't even entertain the same possibility with the torches that hung in their brackets along the walls for any longer than she had the theory of the dust motes. No, even hanging there, the red and orange flames frozen and eerily still, they still felt warm somehow. Maybe that was all in her mind.

All the same, she takes great care to give the first students she comes upon (two Hufflepuff third years) a wide berth. With her luck she would accidentally knock into one of them, send them tumbling down the stairs, only to be discovered a mere second later- when time caught up with them- at the bottom with a broken neck. Nex shudders at the possibility and continues to be just as cautious with any other students she comes across.

She receives her greatest shock only ten minutes into her seemingly random wanderings when she rounds a corner and comes face to face with none other than Filch. Despite herself, she gives a little scream of fright and takes a few steps back. She recovers quickly, however, and peeks around to look at the old man. Even frozen he was slightly intimidating. Git. Throwing all caution to the wind, Nex crouches down and swiftly knots his shoelaces together. (There were no staircases in the area, so the most he could possibly do is bruise his dignity.) Giving a small evil giggle, Nex walks around him and continues on her way.

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Out of Sight, Going Out of Mind

Oct. 4th, 2006 | 03:18 am

Nex stumbles to a stop, well out of sight of the others, but only then, and leans back against the smooth stone surface to wait for Thais to catch up. This allows her to slow her breathing somewhat and try to quash this strange and irrational feeling that's growing inside of her.

"Are you living your own life? Or are you living your father's?" Her own words echo back into her mind, taunting her. She closes her eyes tightly and digs the heels of her hands against them, until stars explode dizzily. Why had she lashed out so? What right had she-?

"none," she whispers aloud as she carefully puts her head back against the wall. She rolls it to one side and waits for Thais to come around the corner. Why did she stop? Because Thais seemed to be the only one in this place with whom she could relate, and even then it was tenuous at best. Still, there it stood: Thais, a Slytherin, one year younger than she, was (to her way of thinking) her best friend.

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A Meeting of the "Minds"

Jun. 18th, 2006 | 08:44 pm

Nex had managed to regain a tiny bit of her self-respect and containment as she neared the portrait entrance to her house. She knows her face is still flushed, but this was a rather normal occurrence for her. Her housemates almost never asked about it these days. She speaks the password in normal tones and then climbs through the opening as the portrait swings out. There is a low buzz in the common room, but nothing out of the ordinary. Apparently the twins have either already had their shenanigans for the evening, or were giving it a miss altogether. They were fairly easy to spot, sitting at a table at the far end of the room, their heads together and discussing things in earnest.

For a moment, Nex loses the drive to interrupt them- quite honestly, she'd never spoken to them directly before this evening, maybe only once or twice in passing and then it was a barely mumbled greeting. She wasn't even sure they knew her name (she would probably die if they actually did), but she had come with a purpose. Even if it cost her her dignity (what little was left), she would try to secure their help...or at least their information.

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Setting the Wheel in Motion

May. 20th, 2006 | 02:27 am

Nex stares out towards the Owlery. It was early yet. The sky was still the heavy grey of not-quite sunrise, and the lake in the distance looked like a giant glass mirror. She doesn't know why she is so nervous. It was only a silly little letter.

Of course, it was a silly little letter to the father she has never met; the father who could quite reasonably be a deranged Death Eater and who had done countless atrocities in You-Know-Who's name. She had to know, however, if there was a chance that he was still somewhere out in the world, and if maybe he had reformed and, since he was good now (because he simply had to be), he would want to come and take her to live with him, and she would never again have to go back to the horrid place she was forced call home. She pulls her school robes more tightly about her against the morning chill.

The halls are deserted as she makes her way through the castle and eventually out of it. Filch may have had something to say about her visit to the Owlery at such an odd hour, but he was probably still asleep like a sensible person would be. She smirks at the thought, knowing that nothing about what she's doing is in the least bit sensible. Inside her robes, her hand clutches at the scroll that she had written and re-written so very many times that the entire thing feels as though it's been burned into the back of her eyelids. If she could just make it to the Owlery, make it there without anyone knowing or stopping her, then this 'Philosopher's Stone' would be off her shoulders and possibly out of her mind.

Nex doesn't hold out much hope for that happening- any of it. She just isn't that fortunate.

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